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Jonathan Gold Tribute

The Belly of Los Angeles

Los Angeles (and the food world in general) was heartbroken with the untimely death of Jonathan Gold. Any foodie knows what he did for restaurants, food trucks, hole-in-the-wall spots, and the people who ran them, ate in them, and LA as a whole. I am a huge fan of KCRW's Good Food, which Jonathan had a weekly segment on, and I loved hearing him each week. After the news of his passing, I spent the whole next day re-listening to his reviews from the show and made my tribute, with some of my favorite lines.


This illustration went from an Instagram tribute, to a tote bag for KCRW, to a print, which you can buy here...

I judged the 2018 KCRW Pie Contest with Jonathan and he was was super cool to me. Wanna hear what he said to me when I introduced myself? Click here, It's pretty awesome and sweet.

And YES, I am pulling his suspender out, but only cos he said I could/should. 

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