Stacy Michelson

Illustrator and enthusiastic food nerd

Hi there, I'm Stacy Michelson and I'm a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles. I specialize in all things food, which makes total sense since I spent years working in the restaurant industry and watching more food-related TV than I care to admit.  

I also have a line of products (sold in my online store and in cool boutiques) that I design and make with funny food and sassy animal themes, like pouches, pillows, and enamel pins.

Fun facts about me: I'm from Huntington Beach, CA. I've been in 3 bands. I love to swim laps, but I hate when old guys hog the lane. I wish that Martha Stewart and Ina Garten were my two grandmas. I still buy CDs (packaging is so important and awesome). My favorite movie is Harold and Maude. My desert island foods are peanut butter, black beans, tortilla chips, chocolate chip cookies, and fuji apples. And my favorite place I've ever been is Tokyo.

Photo by Camellia Tse


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